About Us

Albert & I have been blessed to travel to many places since we met in 2009. Our first trip we took together was to Varadero & Havana, Cuba and from there we realized that we were great travel partners (& just great partners in general!) Since then we’ve travelled to Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Australia, all around the USA and even took a train across Canada. We’ve got plenty more adventures planned & can’t wait to share our experiences and the great food we eat along the way! 🙂

Next Trip: Barcelona, Faro, Lisbon & Amsterdam


Taken @ Mae Koh Island in Koh Samui, ThailandDSC03405



My name’s Mickey G & I’m the main person running this blog:) I’m an International Travel Consultant / Nail Artist, born & raised in Vancouver, Canada. I believe that travel is the best form of education, it opens your mind and changes your perspective on life & I want to share my experiences with everyone! I’ve been blessed to have started travelling at a young age (thanks mom & dad!), I graduated high school with a Culinary Arts Scholarship and also have my diploma in Nail Technology. This blog is a mix of all the things I love, done with the one I love, my boyfriend Albert.

Whether I’m whipping up a homemade feast, Hooking up Miley Cyrus with some new nails or travelling through Kinshasa or Bangkok, I am ALWAYS laughing (life’s too short to take things too seriously) I hope you enjoy the blog!:)

Instagram: @_candy_paint_


Albert aka DJ Icytouch is the Music Director for the popular Cactus Club Restaurants & DJ (obviously) born & raised in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Him & his family travelled all around Africa & Europe before settling in Montreal and eventually Vancouver. Albert’s made a name for himself in the music scene and is continuing to build his reputation in the industry.

His passion for music & art comes through in his brand – Le Prince – based off the Eddie Murphy film, Coming to America. Whether he’s creating a new mix, putting together an art show or cooking up some Makemba & Pondu, like myself, he’s always smiling & laughing!:)

Instagram: @icytouch

Taken @ The Grand Palace in Bangkok, ThailandDSC03633

Taken @ Hyams Beach in New South Wales, Australiaaustralia

Taken in Downtown Havana, Cubacuba

Taken in Times Square, New York City.ny



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