Where We Ate: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, the city where you can get Paella & Sangria on every corner at any hour on any day (actually). That’s just one of the many charms of this city. The food scene in Barcelona is huge, it has to be with the amount of people that not only live here but pass through. We were staying in the Gothic Quarter around the corner from Las Ramblas (which is a street lined with shopping, food, clubs & all that fun stuff). Now because it is a  touristy area, the prices tend to be higher than average, but when we landed we didn’t care, we were starving!

So for our first official meal in Spain it was only right we had Paella & Sangria! DSC04780DSC04781

I’m a sucker for a good market & one of my favourite places in Barcelona is St.Josep La Boqueira. This market feeds all your senses, from the vibrant colours of the produce to the scents of cinnamon, cloves and any other spice you can imagine. There’s locals and tourists conversing over wine and kids running around with brightly coloured ice cream cones, it really is a must see if you’re in the area!DSC04826DSC04852DSC04827Olives & Stuffed Peppers ❤ DSC04828Cheese is probably my greatest weakness.DSC04847DSC04848DSC04851DSC04845As an indian girl I’m all about my spice, so this stall in particular stole my heart 😉 DSC04831

There’s a few restaurants located within the market, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them (most of their ingredients are bought from the vendors!) But our favourite place, hands down is El Quim De La Boqueria (which just underwent renovations to widen their kitchen & add more stools). You’ll definitely wait a little bit for a seat but it is absolutely worth it! This spot has been located in the market since 1987 (which happens to be the year I was born so I feel like I was meant to eat here). The executive chef Quim Marquez has over 25 years of kitchen experience and alongside his sous chef son, Yuri, they’re transforming the typical market tapas into gastronomic art!DSC04841Their menu is constantly changing (depending on the seasonality of certain ingredients), but there were a few items Albert & I HAD to try. The first one being the Oysters. I love a good Oyster & I feel the best way to serve them is by keeping them simple and that’s just what they do at El Quim. Served on the half shell with a drizzle of olive oil, they really let the ingredient speak for itself.DSC04836This dish was so good we came back 2 days in a row for it, the Bull Tail (think of a giant version of Oxtail). It’s stewed in its’ own juices with potatoes and the meat literally falls off the bone. I’ve never had more tender meat in my life, if you ever see this on the menu, order it.DSC04834We also had the Grilled Sole, flaky & delicious.DSC04839We also tried the Prawns in Garlic with Cava Reduction & the Homemade Meatballs (which we got too excited about and took down before I could snap a picture, sorry – but not really)

Finally we finished with Albert’s favourite fruit, Mangoes!

Barcelona is a great place to push the boundaries of your tastebuds and step out of your culinary comfort zone. Eat all the tapas & drink all the wine, I promise you can’t go wrong in this city, enjoy! ❤


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