Around The City: New York

Alright, now I know I’ve been slacking, but I promise I’ve got some exciting new things coming! 😉

In the meantime I wanted to share the random pictures of Albert & I’s NY adventures! If you’ve been to New York you know that you never really know where you’re going to end up throughout the day & night, that’s one of my favourite things about this city.

On our first day we walked around Central Park and stopped at ‘The Ballfield’s Cafe’ for a few beers, cause, why not? dsc04693& then of course we strolled through Times Square and took the obligatory selfie 😉ny

Our second day we decided to check out the Brooklyn Bridge, I had actually never been & i feel like it’s one of those things you’ve got to do at least once!dsc04724You know those pictures you see of people on the Brooklyn Bridge and it seems empty? Yeah, I don’t know how these people get those shots because it was packed! Still, something I feel like you’ve got to experience at least once!dsc04720When you’re first going onto the bridge you’re gonna see a bunch of vendors, one worth stopping at is this woman who sells mango slices. Add a little cayenne and you’ve got a nice little snack while your make your way through the crowd. So yummy and only $5, you gotta respect the hustle!dsc04717dsc04718

On our last day in the city we walked out our hotel and straight into Brazil Days. Brazilians know how to party, it was basically a block party that stretched at least 15 blocks. There was food, drinks, clothing vendors and of course music & dancing. The liquor stores had mini bottles of liquor on sale and a drink cooling station (they really know a way to a girls heart). So Albert & I got some gin, mixed it in our lemonade and joined the party 😉 Of course there was no shortage of meat! Look at these giant turkey legs! They were literally on every corner.dsc04759From there we stopped at Bryant Park to finish our gin & lemonade before heading to the Bad Boy Reunion Tour at Madison Square Garden!dsc04761dsc04762dsc04767

There was so much more we did that we just didn’t capture, if you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know I like to put the camera and phones away every now and then & just enjoy the moment. We strolled through Soho & popped into a few art galleries, grabbed drinks and did some shopping. We found random bars to grab late night drinks that ended up playing amazing Dominican music. We met up with friends from Vancouver and took shots at the Ace Hotel followed by late night Truffle Mac & Cheese. Then ended it all with ramen to cure our hangover before our flight. I’ve never had a bad time in this city, my advice (as always) just go with the flow and see where the vibe takes you, trust in the energy of New York & the city will guide you in the right direction 😉


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