Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: Ratchaburi Province

Visiting a floating market is a must when visiting Thailand, it’s not something you see everyday. We decided to visit the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market located about 2 hours from Bangkok in the Ratchaburi Province. This market is one of Thailand’s largest and most well known.

I can guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this! There are hundreds of long tail boats and canoes filled with vendors selling everything from cold beer & freshly made Pad Thai (cooked on their boats) to silk robes and Buddha statues. The sides of the narrow canals are also lined with vendors selling all kinds of goods. Because it’s become such a popular tourist destination the prices are a bit higher than normal (although if you’re a master barterer, then you’re fine) but you can’t go wrong with a cold beer for 20 Thai Baht, obviously Albert & I grabbed a couple 😉

DSC03753DSC03758DSC03778Visiting the floating markets is key to preserving the heritage & cultural significance of floating markets that have existed for centuries. I believe so strongly in contributing to the culture of wherever I visit, trust me when I say it’s an experience you won’t forget!

So, side note: on our way to the floating market, Minnie – our lovely tour guide, asked if we wanted to stop at a local coconut sugar factory. Who would say no to that? We stopped by a small coconut farm run by the sweetest, most welcoming family I may have ever met. This small, locally run business creates numerous products from coconuts & their trees. They produce everything from coconut sugar (which oh my gosh, is so delicious), utensils made from coconut wood, bath products and more! On top of being able to taste test the coconut products, this family has the most eclectic group of ‘pets’ I’ve ever seen.

This was one of their many pet squirrels (who were on leashes might I add)DSC03731These 3 sweethearts knew how to scam every single person out of some coconut sesame treats.DSC03740When we first saw the dogs, they were cuddled up with this girl, Angie. & yes, they were actually cuddled up lying around her. Now, normally seeing a snake I would be terrified & run the other way, I’ve got quite a fear of snakes. But Angie was different, maybe I felt the connection because she shares the same name as my sister! But the family told us they rescued her from being killed by humans who found her in another coconut farm, you could actually see the scars on her. It caused her to be quite timid around people (I don’t blame her). She just chilled & minded her business, Angie was cool, I liked her.DSC03739There were also a couple of monkeys, fish, birds, roosters and I’m pretty sure I saw a cat. Overall it was a great day getting out the city and having a true Thai experience. 🙂


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