Maeklong Railway Market: Samut Songkhram

About 37 miles west of Bangkok (that’s around 1 1/2 drive) is the Maeklong Railway Market. We stopped here before heading to the floating markets & it was one of the most interesting markets I’ve ever seen.

As soon as we stepped out the car we were hit with the smell of grilled meat, fresh flowers, pungent spices & a few unrecognizable scents! There were vendors as far as we could see lined down a railway track. At first this would seem like any open-air market in Thailand but it is most definitely not! What makes this Market so special is that the vendors are lined down an active railway track! A train runs through the market 8 times a day, 7 days a week. The vendors literally pull back their goods and awnings to let the train pass. They’ve got this system down to an art, one of the coolest scenes I’ve witnessed!

Now when I say this market has everything, I mean everything! Catfish (so fresh they’re still moving, jackfruit, durian, thai chilis, chicken, sharks & more, I even saw barbecued frogs! I wish I had a kitchen where I was staying because I would have gone crazy and thrown down on an amazing meal! There’s always next time 😉 DSC03715DSC03723When the train departs the station, warning bells ring and the vendors yell down the line warning the people further down. Like clockwork the goods are rolled back (although some that are low enough are just left there as the train goes over them) & the awnings are pulled back!DSC03725DSC03726DSC03727Once the train passes, it’s business as usual!

Although it’s a bit of a drive, I highly recommend making the trek and checking out this market!


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