Ang Thong National Marine Park, Koh Samui

Ang Thong National Marine Park is made up of 42 islands consisting of limestone mountains, white sand beaches, waterfalls, hidden coves & more. I was blessed to visit these islands almost 12 years ago & when Albert officially became Canadian (yes!), I wanted us to travel somewhere to celebrate. I decided on Thailand & specifically Koh Samui because the experience of visiting these islands literally brought tears to my eyes. How does a place like this actually exist? It is by far, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Have you ever gone somewhere & you feel your soul smiling? Koh Samui is one of those places for me.

Around 8am we got on a speedboat & took the hour long ride to the Marine Park. When you first enter the protected park, one of the first rock formations you see is this bad boy, ‘Monkey Island’ named this simply because it looks like a monkey praying! Do you see it?DSC03378

Our first stop was Mae Koh Island (it means Mother Island). There’s about a 15 minute hike up some very very steep stairs to a gorgeous look out point!DSC03379

In normal heat, this trek would have been fine! But it was 30 degrees plus humidity, oh my gosh it was hot! I’m not complaining though, this weather literally makes your skin glow!DSC03391DSC03381This saltwater lake is surrounded by limestone mountains, how gorgeous is this water? 🙂DSC03397DSC03405DSC03400

Now there was a lot I didn’t take pictures of because we were too busy enjoying the moment (remember, it’s fun to blog and be on social media, but sometimes you gotta put it all down and just be in the moment!) We snorkelled and saw beautiful tropical fish & coral, we kayaked around mini james bond island, we ate lunch at a local fisherman’s village and we got some quality, romantic time in just vibing on a secluded beach. Ang Thong Marine Park is a MUST if you’re ever in Koh Samui, trust me 😉


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