Where we drank: Bangkok

It’s no secret that we both love a good drink, who doesn’t? Everything in moderation 😉 But there’s something about being on vacation that makes you want a cocktail, a beer, wine… whatever! & enjoying a delicious drink with a beautiful view makes it that much better!

L’appart on the rooftop of the Sofitel Sukhumvit had one of the best city views we’d ever seen. We took advantage of their happy hour a couple of times and we were not disappointed!


You know when you get a drink & you can tell it’s really strong but you can’t taste the alcohol in it? Those are the kind of drinks you’ll get at L’appart, so delicious, but dangerous! This passionfruit cocktail tasted like pure passionfruit, the perfect amount of sweetness & tartness, yum!image1

This view though! We couldn’t get enough.DSC03672


Now although drinking on the rooftop of a 5 star hotel is nice, it can get a little bit pricey! What I like to do when I’m in Bangkok is just hit up the 7-11 (we had one right beside our hotel) and pick up some Singha beer or vodka to enjoy in our hotel room! I also love just hitting up one of the local restaurants or bars and sitting outside watching the chaos on the street, I promise you there is never a dull moment!

Our lovely tour guide Minnie took us out to some of her favourite spots on Sukhumvit!DSC03701




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