Where we ate: Hong Kong

There are thousands of place to eat in Hong Kong! We stayed in Causeway Bay so with only 3 days in Hong Kong we didn’t get to venture out too far, but that didn’t stop us from trying some amazing food!

Down the street from our hotel was an area called ‘Food Street’ it’s basically a couple of alleys lined with boutique cafes and restaurants. We stopped here and went to Coast Seafood & Grill & we were not disappointed! Great service & delicious food 🙂


Tuna Sashimi SaladDSC03168


Whiskey FlightDSC03163


During our second day we stopped into a little spot called Firebird for a quick lunch. We both ordered Chicken with scrambled egg on rice. It was tasty, but nothing to write home about. But for a quick bite in between exploring, it did the trick!DSC03184


On our last day we went searching for a spot called Ichiran, which according to many articles and yelp reviews, has some of the best Ramen in Hong Kong. Before I continue I have to let you know, I have a major obsession with Ramen. I crave it all day, everyday & can never get enough. So when I heard about this franchise based out of Japan, I had to find it, it’s as authentic (at least I think) as you can get. This 24 hour spot usually has lines around the block at peak lunch & dinner times, but luckily for us, we went during the off hours.

Forget about tables & booths, Ichiran only has individual stalls so you can really focus on your food. Each stall comes with its own water faucet, I though this was brilliant!DSC03224

I also loved their ordering process. You fill out a form & pick out your preferences, you can pick your flavour strength, spice level, noodle texture, richness, add ons & more! You press the button in front of you & they come by & pick up your order! DSC03228


This ramen was absolutely delicious! Being able to customize it to my personal preference made it that much better. It was the perfect amount of creaminess, richness & heat mixed in with some of my favourite ingredients like lean pork, a seasoned egg, green onion, nori & more. I’m craving this right now as I type this…DSC03229



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